music is my boyfriend

what you'll find here: music, my first true love; writing - quotes about it, bits of it, book recommendations; other pop culture miscellanea, up to and including my obsession with all things british, various superheroes, and things that catch my attention.

things you need to know: i now live in chicago, but i used to live in new york city. i go to a lot of shows. i stopped being ashamed of my musical tastes a long time ago. the first time i heard "eleanor rigby" by the beatles, i was nine years old and it changed my life. i'm writing a novel.
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Write because you want to communicate with yourself. Write because you want to communicate with someone else. Write because life is weird and tragic and amazing. Write because talking is difficult. Write because it polishes the heart. Write because you can. Write because you can’t. Write because there is a blackbird outside of my window right now and oh my god isn’t that the best start to the day? Write because you’re trying to figure yourself out. Write because you might not ever figure yourself out. Write because there still aren’t enough love poems in the world.
Dalton Day, interviewed for Banango Street (via bostonpoetryslam)

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Teddy Lupin & Victoire Weasley react to Rita Skeeter’s article concerning their shenanigans, with Luke Newberry as Teddy and Elle Fanning as Victoire.

inspiration x

actually perfect.

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got to check off something from my bucket list while on my birthday trip to london - seeing robbie williams live. i know that for everyone living outside the united states, this probably wouldn’t be a big deal, but the last time he played here was 1999. i have adored him for so long and both shows were amazing.


Punk Hipster Trash Thor and Loki prints for DashConnnnnn

What am I even doing anymore


as known as the team chicago life motto. because outside is too….outside-y.

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these streets will make you feel brand new, big lights will inspire you.

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I have a pair of tickets for the Robbie Williams show at the O2 on 8 July up for sale. If you want them or know someone who might - hit me up and we can strike a fangirl-related ticket deal.

UK people - would you signal boost this for me?

I mean, look at this face:




This is adorable and I’m in love

SOOOOO CUTE YOU GUYS have to see this

this is legitimately the best thing i’ve seen all day.

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Writing advice from Neil Gaiman.

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"I wish I’d tried harder not to mess things up, because I’m starting to realise that quiet, kind, special, people come along once in a lifetime."

this show, okay? i just can’t even with how great it is.

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Essential Summer Reading | A few wonderful titles from Jessica’s library. All are definitely worth the read!

Remember when summer meant two and a half months of beautiful aimlessness? When your biggest obligations were getting to the mall to hang out with your friends, to drink Orange…

book recommendations from me!



Next batch of TW+TD prints available, either individually or as a pair. 

Jamie doing another limited edition print run of covers

i want these so bad. why do i not have unlimited wealth?  

this is totally going to be my new favorite comic - like there was much doubt.


So I buy a lot of comics. A lot. And since Tumblr likes comics featuring awesome ladies, I figured I should write a list of all the comics currently coming out featuring awesome ladies.

First, let’s start with the superhero stuff:


1. She-Hulk by Charles Soule and Javier Pulido


for northerndownpour and anyone else wanting to read comics about awesome ladies!

i would also add the most recent black widow series to this list.


Mutated Cocktails - The Magnetic Storm and The Westchester | Delicious cocktails inspired by X-Men: Days of Future Past


Nerdship, I have a confession to make. I didn’t grow up reading comic books. I spent my formative years reading – like all girls the grew up in the 80′s and early 90′s –…